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Did you miss anything or anyone on your travels?

Ellen: Waffle (cuddly dog) and my friends
Hannah: Best friend Olivia and my little blue nose friends

What was your favourite food?

Ellen: Chicken and chips in South America
Hannah: Christmas lunch of roast chicken (NZ) and the tender pork chops in Cuzco

What was your favourite drink?

Ellen: Banana milkshake
Hannah: Inka Cola

What was your favourite animal?

Ellen: Camels
Hannah: Llamas and Alpacas

What was your favourite place?

Ellen: Pangkor Island (Malaysia), because it had a boat-shaped swimming pool and I learned to put my face in the water and start swimming
Hannah: Basaga Hotel (Borneo) because of the very comfortable beds and everything apart from the beds at the longhouse stay (Borneo)

Since you both like swimming, which was your most favourite swimming pool?

Ellen: Pangkor Island
Hannah: The pool at the campsite near Uluru

Which activity did you enjoy doing the most?

Ellen: Horse riding in Vermont
Hannah: Batik painting at Taman Harum, Bali

Were you ever upset about anything during your trip?

Ellen: Leaving my animal magazine behind
Hannah: (very long think) When I lost my Inca necklace and Peruvian bottle holder

Was there ever anything you did not like doing at all?

Ellen: Don’t know
Hannah: Staying at the hostel in Singapore; the little boat ride on Milford Sound when it was raining really hard (not the actual overnight boat trip)

What made you happy on the trip?

Ellen: Following the sun, but now I miss the “old rainy days”
Hannah: Playing with Thelma in Sucre (Bolivia), going down the luge in Vermont, jumping on trampolines and swimming

Would you like to go on a long trip again?

Ellen: Yes, to see lots of different things
Hannah: No – I’d miss the house

What are you most looking forward to once you’re back home?

Ellen: All my toys
Hannah: Seeing our own house again

What do you think this year away has done for you?

Ellen: [Still pondering this one]
Hannah: I’ve been able to do Batik painting, ride camels, see Machu Picchu, Uluru… Doing things, not just reading about them at school.

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Mamma Mia!

It’s remarkable how the girls have taken the idea of our RTW trip in their stride – it’s simply part of normal life for them that your whole family goes off travelling for a year, and they don’t know any different. Consequently, they are not as preoccupied with it as we adults are, and happily immerse themselves in their latest interests while we slave over blogs, packing lists and house improvements…

At the moment, the girls are into all things Abba; we get song recitals every evening as well as pictures and dialogue from Mamma Mia! written out from memory. (But why do I keep thinking that it’s ‘Don’t go wasting your emulsion’ ?)

More seriously, there is one set of lines from ‘Slipping through my fingers’ that really hits home and reinforces why we are doing this. The song is one of regret for the passage of time and how quickly your children grow up, and includes:

What happened to those wonderful adventures,
The places I had planned for us to go?
Well, some of that we did but most we didn’t
And why I just don’t know.

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